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My Stuff #4

My Stuff #4


This week has flew by! Says everyone, always. But seriously, this week has gone way too quickly. It seems projects have all come at once, meaning I’ve been pretty busy shooting and firing off emails. I’m working at double speed to get it all done as I go away to Copenhagen next week for a few days and I cannot wait! Anyway, here’s a fresh round up for ‘My Stuff’ while I try and start packing.


1. Cereal Issue 13

The only place to start is with the new Cereal magazine! The new issue peaked my interest with stories involving Bali and Margaret Howell so I can’t wait to spend a couple hours reading through this.

2. Hay Laptop brush

Some might call it unnecessary, but I do pretty much use it everyday. I have no shame in saying that I’m a little bit of clean freak and if Hay wants to create cleaning tools for my desk, than who am I to say no?

3. Aesop hand balm

The next two items I bought with a MR PORTER voucher from their InstaMeet in London. This was very much a design impulse purchase. I’ve worked my way through my Meraki hand cream and now I’m trying the Aesop hand balm, which I’m sure will find its way over to Instagram pretty soon.

4. Dr. Harris & Co. comb

Now you might say this is even more unnecessary than the laptop brush. And yes, yes it is. But when you have a voucher and it comes in tortoise shell… It’s called ‘my stuff’ not ‘my essentials’.

5. Aesop anti-oxidant serum

Now this is an essential. I suffer from both dry skin and oily skin around my t-zone. I’ve been advised by Aesop to try a serum rather than a face moisturiser and so far, so good. If anyone knows of a product that might be worth trying, please let me know!

6. Adidas x Raf Simons

For FarFetch I was asked to pick #TheOne item that would give me that feel good factor. I went for these trainers and oh boy, they feel great. I’m already a fan of the stan smith silhouette and this colourway just gives them that extra detail. I talk a little more about these trainers over on the Farfetch website.

7. Topman Premium revere collar shirt

A couple of warm days and I’m swapping out roll necks for revere collar shirts. Other than basic tees, this style of shirt is what I’ll be wearing most days. I picked this one out at the new Trafford Centre store while I was hanging out with the Topman team to create a Manchester city guide.

8. Instagram

I’ve been following Miguel Santana (@miguelsantana_) for a while now and he’s got one hell of an eye for a shot. He’s currently over in America, so understandably I’ve been getting major travel envy. Miguel, if you’re reading this, your feed is next level. jbicon


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