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Navy London Strolls

Navy London Strolls


Hey, I’m back! It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve been pretty busy with university work sadly (I know that’s no excuse).


Burton Menswear

Navy overcoat

Realm & Empire

Navy wool roll neck


Black skinny trousers


Adidas Superstars



I’m currently working on a project about menswear and British manufacturing and that saw me travel back into London early yesterday morning on Christmas Eve (Eve) for an interview. Whilst I was there I managed to meet up with a friend of mine, Joey London and we took some photos together near Bond Street.

Winter has been crazy this year because of how warm it is. We gear up all summer preparing ourselves, getting our winter coat out of the wardrobe and then it does this. But that hasn’t stopped me layering up. Along with greys and blacks, navy has been a colour I’ve been wearing a lot more recently and I went for a double navy combination. I’m still not brave enough for double denim. A brand that has newly been introduced to me by Matthew Pike is Realm & Empire, and one that I mentioned in my snapshots post the other week.

I’m slowly seeing my wardrobe change into having a few key pieces and this roll neck is something that will be hanging on the rail for years to come. It’s 100% wool meaning it’s super warm and great quality. Then I layered it with a really simple navy overcoat.

Some people say that you shouldn’t pair black and navy together, yet I’ve never really bought that and think this coat goes well with some black skinny trousers from Topman. Pairing a roll neck with trousers, or even just a jumper, is a really easy way of making your look much more casual. Then the trusty superstars made my day around the city a comfy one. Roll neck and trousers. Trousers and trainers. Two styling tips I’d recommend to any of my friends and if they wanted a third, double navy.

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone if I don’t post before the year is up!

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