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"New York for one please"

"New York for one please"


There are times when you should embrace opportunity. I headed out to New York on a solo trip in September following the launch of the new blog and after one of my busiest months to date. It was a chance to recharge and experience somewhere that has eluded me up until now.













11 Howard St, New York, NY 10013, USA



With it being my first trip to New York, I talked to friends to find out about things I had to do, or places I had to visit. Spots like Katz Deli on East Houston Street… oh boy! This was just one of many that I saved for my trip, each one as valuable as the next with it being my first time in the city.

There are those friends that travel often and do the legwork for you, for me, that friend was MR PORTER and more specifically, the Style Council. Essentially speaking, the “SC” – that’ll catch on right? – is a guide of carefully selected places as recommended by their council members (read: people with exceptionally good taste). They’ve pretty much got you covered when it comes to restaurants, bars and hotels when you’re in need of that spot.

When it came to where I wanted to stay, I knew I wanted to base myself in Manhattan, somewhere I could navigate from easily. For my first new nights, I stayed at the 11Howard in SoHo – the first astute recommendation found using the Style Council. As far as neighbourhoods go, think of those people and stores that you say to yourself are effortlessly cool as you walk past them and place them all here in SoHo.

Inside the walls of the hotel, touches of Scandinavian design paired with New Yorker charm made it all the more easier to return to after a day of exploring. The room itself has carefully selected details: combining warm tones with its pink throw, to the sharp lines of the bed lights and bedside table. Oh and let’s not forget the kingside bed! It felt more like a bedroom than a hotel and one I didn’t rush to leave.

When I did decide to start my day, I went about my solo travels by tackling each area of New York one at a time. So while staying in SoHo, I walked in and out of every main, side and narrow street, each having a cast iron building draw to them that my camera enjoyed. These walks were often top and tailed by a coffee break and food stop.

In New York, coffee and food is never in short supply, especially in this neighbourhood. Happy Bones provided my flat white fix – partly influenced by Mr. Essentialist – and Dimes NYC for brunch – definitely influenced by the SC. Dimes played host to a long catch up with Meredith and it was a healthier choice in between the burgers and the bagels that had either been eaten or yet to be consumed.

A lot of my time in SoHo and New York was spent wandering taking photos that prioritised preserving memories of my travels over the editorials I’ve come to love creating on here. This city was a different experience and something I want to express in another post. It was my first trip of many to New York, one that although I’m glad I did on my own, I was able to utilise a guide I could trust and gain tips from in-the-know friends that I could follow to put me in good stead for my stay.jbicon

Photography by Meredith Sherlock

This post was created in association with MR PORTER. They kindly arranged my accommodation at the 11Howard. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow myself to experience trips like this.


Solo travel in New York City

Solo travel in New York City

My Stuff #5

My Stuff #5