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Well, it's time for a change around here. Welcome to the new blog! Let me show you around.







Ollie cap (similar)

PS by Paul Smith

Grey zebra logo long sleeve

PS by Paul Smith

Navy corduroy trousers

Converse 70s

Ecru All Star Hi 70s



This post has been a long time coming! As you can see, things look very different around here! It’s been three years since I started the blog and now I feel it’s the right time for an update. I’ve launched today with a couple kinks yet to be sorted out, but nothing is ever perfect and felt now was the right time to share what I had been working on with everyone.

When I first started this blog I wanted to offer something different and I feel this new website stems from the same feeling I had at the very start. There came a point last year where I think I reached a ceiling with my old website and there were restrictions to what I wanted to do creatively.

I want to regain the feeling of being in my stride again, feel excited and push things even further for both you and myself.

So what’s new? The website now gives breathing space to what will always take precedent: the content. It’s so important to me that the words are meaningful, the photos are considered and that the content speaks to one another. Photos are much bigger and words are free from distraction. There is also a slight nod to print.

I hope the touches you see on here are a nice and subtle change for you. There are other tweaks here and there, but I’ll leave them for you to find.

Now the blog redesign is complete I can solely focus on creating plenty around fashion, lifestyle and travel… no change there then.

Looking ahead, I’d like to start bringing you more series led pieces. Content that connects together and spans over multiple posts. Hopefully I’ll be introducing them soon, as I’m ready to step it up a notch!

Lastly, which should probably of gone straight at the top of this, thank you. Since I started this blog it’s been an amazing experience and none of that would have been possible without the time you have spent reading the blog. This isn’t a closed diary after all. Also, a big thank you to Candy Black who I’ve been designing this new blog with! I can’t wait to head down to Dorset again and celebrate what we’ve created together.

Thank you for the continued support and I hope you enjoy the new website. Come over and let me know what you think!jbicon

Photography by Matthew Pike


A different approach

A different approach

Transitional dressing for the guys

Transitional dressing for the guys