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Winter Warmers with Woodhouse Clothing

Winter Warmers with Woodhouse Clothing


If there’s one thing a man should have in his wardrobe, it’s a pair of reliable jeans.



Grey chunky roll neck

Paul Smith

Black slim jeans


Oversized checkered scarf

Burton Menswear

Chelsea boots



An unflattering item of denim can ruin the rest of your outfit, meaning it’s important you find a pair that suits your style. Woodhouse Clothing got in touch with me to talk about the jeans they offer and challenged me to see how I would style up a pair of their jeans.

Woodhouse understands how important the right style of jeans is for a man meaning they offer a wide variety of jeans in terms of both cut and brand. Styles range from loose to slim fit meaning there should be a pair of jeans you’ll find that matches both your taste and wardrobe. As I have rather skinny legs, I opted to narrow down my search to slim fit and went from there. Woodhouse Clothing’s price range from £50 all the way up to £200, but you can be sure that a pair of premium priced jeans mean they’ll last you a lot longer.

My choice was these black slim jeans by Paul Smith with stretch denim. I’ve always been a fan of Paul Smith, so these seemed like the perfect choice. With narrow tapered legs and discrete branding, I felt these would be great to style up.

The thing I like about black jeans is that they don’t dictate the rest of your outfit as black jeans go with everything, meaning I had the freedom to choose whatever I wanted it. I feel this outfit is perfect for this type of weather. When it’s cold outside and windy, there’s nothing better than feeling warm and wearing thick winter clothing. I went for a chunky roll neck by Bellfield, an oversized chequered scarf from Zara and Black Chelsea boots from Burton.

Roll necks are great during winter especially ones like this. Loose fitting clothing is far more comfortable to wear and contrasted with slim fitting jeans can look rather fashionable. To add some colour to my look, this oversized scarf suits it nicely. Oversized scarves can be found from loads of places this year and are a big trend. There were oversized scarves a plenty during LC:M. Chelsea Boots are a simple choice for me when the weather isn’t great as they are simple, durable and easy to wipe down after.

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