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What to pack in your Weekend Bag

What to pack in your Weekend Bag


If you’re only going away for the weekend and want to travel light, then you want to pack as few items as you can, and include clothes with as much versatility as possible.



Your clothes will be taking up the most space in your bag so it’s always good to plan your outfits before you pack so you know you’ve got everything for each day. 

One of my tips would be that it’s always best to take a shirt with you as you never know where you might end up going or seeing. This Farah vintage shirt is from Urban Outfitters and is a nice casual shirt that goes great with light blue or black jeans, due to the black spot detailing.

With it still being rather cold outside I packed two more long sleeve items. The camel roll neck is a very stylish piece that again can be dressed up or down. The casual option in my weekend bag is this distressed low-neck jumper from H&M. It’s super comfy and a great basic to have. 


This Emporio Armani watch was a gift from my sister for Christmas and can be dressed up and dressed down, with its simple face and black leather strap. I’m usually always wearing at least one ring, so a couple of jewellery accessories go into the bag for me.


 I use Vo5 mattClay to style my hair and then apply some Muk styling to hold my look. If you’re only away for a couple of days, you don’t want to be taking up space in your bag with too much aftershave, or even a big bottle for that matter. My current favourite aftershave is this travel size Paul Smith Extreme bottle.


When it comes to bathroom essentials, gift sets are great. If you’re going to a hotel you probably wont need them, but it’s always good to carry round your own just in case. This Ted Baker set includes: soap, a 2in1 hair and body wash and body spray.


Wherever I go, I always take my camera with me. As I was taking these photos with the camera I take with me, I thought I’d show you the lens I use most often. To save room, I kept to just one lens which is this Canon 50mm f1.4 lens. This is a great lens and also very affordable. For anyone who knows me, I’m always on my phone and laptop. So these two are definite essentials for me.

Other items to pack

If you’re travelling by train or you’re the passenger in the car you’re going to want a few bits to keep you entertained. My magazine of choice is GQ. I’m also reading Michael McIntyre’s autobiography, albeit very slowly. I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, but wherever I go I take my little brown notebook down with me to write down future ideas for the blog and other ramblings I have. Lastly, pack a pair of headphones for your trip away, a couple of good albums make journeys fly by.

That's my round-up of what I include in my weekend bag, What other bits do you take with you when you're travelling light?

'MANKIND' by Kenneth Cole

'MANKIND' by Kenneth Cole

Mahabis Slippers

Mahabis Slippers