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My blog is a place of sharing, but sometimes this has been put on hold one too many times because everything wasn't quite perfect. I find blogging is a fine balance of planning and spontaneity, but recently I've just put the stoppers on creativity.  





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Sometimes this blog can fall down due to the standards I set myself and I wonder whether I should free up my ‘perfectionism’ in order to create more. They say less is more, but when you’re struggling to post once a week it’s time to rethink what’s possible.

I’m the first to admit that I’m my harshest critic and place a lot of importance of ensuring each blog post is something that is worth clicking. I like to think I keep quite a high-standard up on my corner of the Internet, but high standards, coupled with a creative lull can cause a big gap in posting dates. I aim to post every Monday, but if there’s no idea, no message or location, what’s a guy to do? 

Though words might not hold the same weight as they used to in this paradigm of social media, to me, they are just as compelling. To make someone feel and imagine something using words is a talent and one that I’d like to harness and improve on. However, every blog post needs its photos to go alongside it. So while I might be typing away daily, I often struggle to source the right photos to go with them. I would never want them to be throwaway as my words would become lost, but currently I have five blog posts drafted and now I just want to share them. It’s honestly so frustrating.

My current environment does not pertain to my visual preference, meaning it’s not that easy to capture what I envisage at times and that’s where I get stuck.

The blog has long surpassed the “Hey can you take a photo for me please?” stage, but boy, those first few blog posts didn’t carry the same pressure as they do now. I was new to the game and something was better than nothing back then. The blog is, at times, becoming too logistical and the ebb and flow is lost.

I guess I’m currently in the stage of trying to figure out the happy middle ground between creating more consistently and frequently, while ensuring the standards I’ve set myself do not fall by much, if any. This also goes past the blog and some of the ideas I have constantly bouncing around in my head. There are projects I want to begin, yet falling short of perfection means it’s a non-starter. I struggle with the idea of releasing something that’s not looking or sounding - a very subtle hint towards one of my ideas - polished from the get-go. Yet, if I need any reminder of how difficult this is, I only need to view my first few blog posts to see how much I have progressed.

These two photos were taken by a friend during last weekend’s trip to Warsaw and hey, they didn’t turn out too bad after all with a little direction. It’s time for me to consider what feels worst: not posting at all because I was too particular over the images or loosening the belt on what I let through the net in order to share more.jbicon


Grooming for guys

Grooming for guys