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Superstars and trousers

Superstars and trousers


From Stan Smiths to Superstars, Adidas are everywhere this summer.



Basic t-shirt


Ecru straight trousers

Adidas Originals

Adidas Superstars


Ring and bracelet



This is another one of my outfits for the British summer, wearing probably the most popular shoes this year. It’s also a rather inexpensive summer outfit with it all coming from high street favourites H&M and Primark.

I feel like I keep repeating this throughout my outfit posts, but I really do keep my style to simple tops, except on occasions where I really want to try something different. This basic tee is from H&M and I’ve had it for a while now, which just goes to show how good value these tops are. Where I’ve tried something different in this outfit would be the trousers.

Normally I’ll stick to darker trousers, yet these light cotton trousers from Primark got me thinking of summer. They are really thin and perfect for the rest of the summer and I bought them to sit just above the ankle.

And not forgetting my Adidas Superstars. I’ve had them since Easter, yet I’ve not worn them until recently. There’s so many colourways out there for this trainer, but I wanted to stick to black with gold detailing on the tongue. My first ever outfit post (almost a year ago) I matched up trainers and trousers and I’m still a fan of it today.

Photography by Natalie Jade Reading

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