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Winter Layering

Winter Layering


If you're wanting to try something different with your outfit, you should always make sure you don't have to suffer from the cold as a consequence



Men's leather jacket

Malmo London

Loveheart skull print


Wool jumper

Cheap Monday

Black ultra skinny jeans


That is where layering comes into play. Creating multi-layered outfits allows you to show off your style, mix and match colours and patterns and reinvent how you wear items in your wardrobe. Take this look for example, this all-over patterned t-shirt from Malmo London worn on full show would make my overall outfit quite loud, but by using it as an under layer, it becomes more of a toned down detail and works well to break up the shades of black and grey. The jumper is an obvious go to item in the winter and provides that extra warmth when you opt not to wear that ‘thick winter coat’ you know you should.

The top layer to my outfit is this leather jacket from H&M. A couple tips I can share with you when it comes to layering are: layering doesn’t have to be done with multiple colours, you can stick to a certain shade (like I’ve done), try matching up different materials as this can work really well, and finally, never be afraid to try and layer things that you don’t think will go, clashing prints and bold colours are strong looks when put together.

Photography by Laura Jane Hatcher

Billykirk Trucker Wallet

Billykirk Trucker Wallet

Winter Coat

Winter Coat