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Sweater weather

Sweater weather


Seven sweaters taken down from the top shelf of my wardrobe in order to provide you with some warm weather options.




Though delayed, autumn temperatures have finally settled in. I’ve set aside my shorts and linen to be put away into storage in order to make way for my more heavy-duty pieces. I’ve listed seven of my favourites to help start turning the autumn style cogs.

Asket cashmere jumper

My most recent addition is this cashmere number by Asket. Offered in their full range of 15 sizes, it’s a valued piece that not only feels right, but fits right too.

 TOPMAN mohair blend (sold out)

Picked up last year just before Christmas, TOPMAN surprised me with a mohair blend from the premium section. I had a similar piece when I was younger and could not resist taking it to the tills. Though out of stock, try and find something similar with a point of difference. 

PS by Paul Smith mock neck (similar)

If there were ever such a thing as formal jumpers and knitwear, this (and the ASKET cashmere) would tick the box. I believe as it is quite fitted it can easily be worn with a blazer or on its own with trousers and a pair of derbys.

Hamilton&Hare sweatshirt

Designed with matching tracksuit bottoms in mind, this is often worn as part of a Monday morning casual outfit. Some people say they have to get dressed properly in order to work, but for me I prioritise comfort. Working from home has its benefits. Though this set is sold out, I would highly recommend H&H for evenings and lazy weekends. 

YMC mohair turtleneck

Though the PS by Paul Smith mock neck is my most formal in the collection, I have a mohair mock neck by YMC that I treasure. It feels super delicate so I wear it sparingly and feel great in it when I do.

Form & Thread essential sweatshirt

The clue is in the name. Form & Thread call it the essential sweatshirt and it is exactly that. This is their second iteration of the jumper, fine-tuning the original after customer feedback. My advice, loopback is a sign of real quality in a sweatshirt, similar to the stich in a pair of selvedge denim and flash cuffs in a blazer..jbicon


Feeling Ace(&Tate)

Feeling Ace(&Tate)

Life update and autumn styling

Life update and autumn styling