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Transitional dressing for the guys

Transitional dressing for the guys


The sun doesn’t stay out quite as long, the air doesn’t feel as warm and the sunglasses aren’t needed as much. Summer don’t go, please.








Selected Homme

Navy heritage overshirt

Norse Projects

Charcoal long sleeve


Straight ecru denim

Converse 70s

Ecru All Star Hi 70s



Well, It only feels like two seconds since I was talking about my joy for not needing a jacket and now we’re left with the in between transitional weather, that, let’s face it, nobody enjoys dressing for. Is it summer, is it autumn, who knows?

For me, I’m trying to add balance to this fuzzy stage in the weather by trying to keep my colours warm to reflect the warmer months and slightly thicker fabrics to keep away the cooler winds.

A new piece to my more slim-lined wardrobe (I’m aiming to get everything down to one rail) is a Norse Projects long sleeve. It’s a charcoal shade instead of the normal grey. Long sleeves are the real deal for the transitional weather. I picked it up in Amsterdam due to the real simplicity of it and the subtle Norse Projects detailing across the chest. Did you miss it? Scroll up and you’ll see what I mean.

We all know that you can rarely get me out of trousers. I just enjoy how well they fit and feel in the summer. Though sometimes when the weather dips below 20c, denim isn’t a bad idea. But I’m not jumping straight to black skinny jeans, I’m attempting to prolong it with ecru denim. This straight fit is really doing something for me. I’ve been looking for a while for shade like these, but all I’ve been finding is blinding white.

Then, when it doesn’t rain, Converse 70s rule. A thicker and comfier sole that feel more rugged than the normal. Oh and you can’t be leaving the house without a jacket anymore sadly. A Selected Homme overshirt does the trick. Thin and easy to slot into a bag, because you can’t carry an overcoat all day. I’m not giving into AW just yet. Let’s see how long we’re playing this transitional game for! jbicon

Photography by Matthew Pike




For the love of print

For the love of print