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Coffee table reads

Coffee table reads


First off, here’s a little bit of disclosure… I don’t even own a coffee table. But I feel ‘coffee table books’ sums up what type of book it is. Still with me? You know, the ones that look great in your room, undeniably pretentious and remain reserved for days where you have that spare hour away from your phone.






For me coffee table reads are books that you can come back to time and time again and easily pick up and put down at leisure. Some days I’ll admittedly just flick through the photos. They provide me (sometimes) with inspiration for the blog. Whether its visuals or words, it can spark that much-needed brainwave which I’ll then jot it down somewhere before continuing to read.

There’s a slight fear that my room is becoming overran by these 200+ page hardbacks, but I feel I’ve managed to collect a few good ones of late to keep me content until I move out to a bigger space I can call my own… and maybe I’ll finally have an actual coffee table to put them on! So here’s a rundown of five books currently living next to the side of my bed that I’m reaching for instead of my phone in recent weeks.

The House That Pinterest Built

This book is the newest on the pile and a bleated birthday present from the duo that is Matthew and Brittany. A very thoughtful gift that is giving me even more interior inspiration. I feel that this book, combined with my boards and maybe some expert help from Cate St. Hill, I’ll have my flat looking in ship shape in no time at all. Diane Keaton talks through her inspirations for her home along, explaining her idea of what home is and of course with visual references that we all know and love to pin.

The Kinfolk Home     

The first of two books I have from Kinfolk, is its Home long read. Again, another interiors book, but this time mixed in with interview pieces from the homeowners. I’ve always felt that you can learn a lot from a person on the basis of how they design their home. It’s super intriguing to find out first-hand why people design the spaces they have and the purposes it’s used for.

Whether it’s for physical separation of work and living, or how one can integrate outside into the home through its structure. Each home is beautifully designed and can be appreciated even if it’s not to your particular taste.

The Kinfolk Entrepreneur

Next up is their newest edition to their books, the Entrepreneur. Containing stories of how creative business owners approach their work, it’s a real eclectic blend of industry knowledge, advice and shows how self-employment is attainable for someone like myself. Plus the portrait photography in this wants me to up my profile photo game. I’ve always found profile pieces like the ones included in this to be so fascinating as no two stories or career paths are the same.

House of Plants

When Haarkon aren’t at hand to offer their advice on why my plants are starting to go down hill, this book contains pretty much everything I need know. It’s a how-to book for anything green fingered from how to look after my monstera deliciosa, to succulents and styling. I’m future proof for my future plant investments and now I have no excuse to buy fake plants (a blessing and a curse).

Cereal 10

Now this probably doesn’t naturally sit in the coffee reads section, but with my volume 10 of Cereal Magazine being a limited edition copy and residing in its own box (yes, a box for a magazine), it slips in. This is probably a nod to Cereal Magazine in general, the only magazine that I collect. It ticks everything I want from a bi-annual: beautiful imagery, clever and inspiring words to help myself grow as a writer and a wanderlust kick every six months of places I’ve either never heard of or considered until Cereal added their touch to it.jbicon


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