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Giving my room a Homeware Update

Giving my room a Homeware Update


With it being my final year at university, it's also my final chance to decorate my space. Here's what I've added to my room with some help from Att Pynta.


Moving into a new room you always want to make it your own, have it reflect your style and add little homely touches. As I’m a student I’ve had the opportunity to do this for the past couple years and now for the third and final time. This year is the biggest my room has been with rather plain walls and wooden floors, meaning I could pretty much do anything to it.

I didn’t want to clutter my room but instead keep things a little bit more minimal, and I think that’s down to picking up Cereal magazine and seeing the things they push. Now one or two things positioned well, opposed to loads of bits and pieces in a room, looks so much nicer in my opinion.

And where do people go when they want to make some homeware improvements? IKEA. However this time I also wanted to add a touch of more thought-out and less mass-produced design with the help of Att Pynta. They sell (stylish) affordable homeware and are currently stocking some great pieces. With the combination of the two, here is what I’ve done with what would be my room for final year.

The main bit of furniture I’ve purchased is a desk. As I said, I’m aiming to keep my room pretty simple so I went with a white linmonn table from IKEA (£46.50). The size of the desk was quite a draw for me and fit perfectly in the corner meaning I could have plenty of room for all my blogging and university essentials, with a couple of decorative bits like my cactus on the side.


I’ve had this print for around a year now as I have ambitions to travel around South East Asia next year. I managed to get this print framed as a little reminder to save and to also allow myself to get a little bit excited.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted some form of rug, but damn are they expensive. Now as much as I’d want to have a story behind this rug, it’s from IKEA (£39). I really like the old styled patterned prints and perhaps when I’m not living on a student wage I’ll be able to invest in a proper rug.

With any plain room, it’s always good to add some form of colour and that’s where a plant comes good. I wanted to find a rather big and impressive plant and again IKEA didn’t disappoint, and for £19 I was very happy. Its full name is ‘chrysalidocarpus lutescens’ and my hat goes off to those of you who can pronounce that. Although it would have been helpful if the store told me they didn’t deliver live plants before I got to the delivery desk. Yes, I was the idiot on the 17:45 train from Southampton to Bournemouth with a plant as tall as myself.

And then all that’s left are the little details that tie everything together. One thing I really like in my room this year is this light bulb from Att Pynta (£16). A wire-led design where the filament is visible is something I’ve seen in quite a few stores and I think they add a more rustic look to things. I’m still searching for the perfect lamp to put this in, but I think a nice anglepoise will do the job.


Students all know the struggles of a cold flat or house, so a throw is a must for all student rooms. This illusion throw has been used in the evenings, but I’m sure come the wintertime I’ll be sending over many appreciation tweets over to Att Pynta as I drag it around everywhere with me. A candle here and there is something that adds a little extra to a room as well. I prefer finding the more gender neutral candles than the jasmines and lavenders. I went for a pomegranate midnight candle and even when it isn’t lit, smells great. And it’s also nice to have ornaments around the room, so items like this brass tealight box are perfect for adding a nice feature to a desk or table. This tealight box could be used for multiple things such as plant pot or somewhere to keep accessories.

These are just a few of my homeware tips and updates I’ve done to my room, but I’m sure there are many of you that are more Pinterest savvy and creative than myself out there. What have you added to your room recently?

Att Pynta were kind enough to send over some items for me to feature in this post, but the opinions on the pieces I've talked about are completely honest as always.

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