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The Grey Sweatshirt

The Grey Sweatshirt


Today I'm talking about the grey sweatshirt... 



Icy patchwork denim jacket

Form & Thread

Grey Melange Essential Sweatshirt


Indigo straight-fit chinos


1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High-Top Sneakers



The warm weather is all but gone and it's time to start thinking about integrating a jumper into our wardrobes. A basic/essential, whatever you like to call it, the grey sweatshirt is all of the above. Though we all wear it differently, we should all be able to appreciate how easy they are to wear. Wearing it as part of a morning routine, or using it a little more actively than a morning thrown on, for use of a better word, it's a 'staple'.

Suitable for both for meetings and meet-ups with friends, it is often my first choice most days. You should feel comfortable in what you are wearing and simply put, nothing beats a sweatshirt during the colder weather. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of grey. For a meeting I’ll pair the jumper with some trousers, possibly pleated, to give off a smart edge to my look. But for casual occasions, like my trip to Liverpool with Mat (pictured above), it worked well with some denim and Converse. As the season progresses we need

more than a jumper and a jacket, so use it as a base layer. Think overcoats, shirts and thick scarves to give you an extra layer of warmth.

Mine is from the guys over at Form & Thread, but there are a few good ones for this season from the likes of Sunspel, Universal Works and Norse Projects. Tips for when buying yours are: it's a good cotton, it's pre-washed, you should try it on first to ensure it fits your body shape and most importantly, comfortable. I guess that's my small argument for why a grey sweat should be in your wardrobe for the remainder of the year.jbicon

Photography by Matthew Pike


Menswear on Berwick Street

Menswear on Berwick Street

My Stuff #2

My Stuff #2